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Learn more about what makes us unique at MAS Connections, beginning with our Foundational Strategies:

Our services are developed as a road map:

We start with a Gap Analysis to understand the position or current state of the company and the changes that are required. During this process, it is important to understand what causes what to happen, when, and why? Then, we pinpoint the gaps. We accompany you in your evolution process to embrace new strategies that allows you to increase the profitability of your business, positioning yourself as a consolidated company adapted to the new markets.

Next, we have the transformative phase, the goal is to create a simple and agile process that ensures clarity, efficiency, and alignment to the goal. In this unpredictable world, Change Management is the norm instead of the exception. Only when we embrace change do we thrive. Change should happen and change management is nothing other than a game plan. We offer the tools and methodology that can facilitate a smooth transition. The first step is to map the business process (Value Stream Map), to understand the current state, then use Lean methodology to remove inefficiencies, identify stakeholders, clarify roles and responsibilities, reduce ambiguities and establish a clear communication plan to facilitate the acceptance of the stakeholders, and employee buy-in.

Ethical Persuasion is a vital skill in transformative business, a skill that not only the sales teams need. Learning how to utilize these techniques can help you become a better negotiator. The goal of persuasion is to convince your target to take on the persuasive argument and adopt this new attitude as a part of their core belief system.

Operation Excellence is the end goal and it involves every person at every level of the organization. Our strategic thinking will help you to develop an end-to-end program that embraces  and creates sustainable improvement within the organization.

Let’s start creating your roadmap