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Ethical Persuasion Strategies

How we do it

In 1995, while Alex Kei was walking down the street, a man grabbed him from behind and put a knife to his neck. “Give me all the money or I’ll cut your throat,” he told him. He panics and didn’t react in any way.  In 2012, Alex was returning from his first trip to Japan when he found out his “Uncle Felipe” committed suicide.  Both cases marked him forever and made him obsessed with studying management techniques and control of crisis situations. He has studied with Thomas Strentz (Former FBI people), Dan Oblinger (Former FBI hostage negotiator), Jason Hanson (Former CIA agent), among others. 

MAS Connection’s Persuasion Strategist Alex Kei offers corporate workshops that can change the course of your company


In this workshop you will learn to persuade, influence, and convince without using deceit or lies or emotionally manipulation. To be able to lead important negotiations and deal with difficult people.

You will learn 

  • How to persuade and negotiate with powerful people or entities.
  • Resolution of ethical and moral paradoxes that can occur during a conflict.
  • How to discover the true motivators and use them to win-win.
  • Social engineering and consent techniques applied to positive influence and persuasive ethics.
  • How to apply the ethics, morality, and legality of these techniques in any scope of life.
  • Phrases, gestures, and facial expressions that psychologically disarm anyone.
  • How to neutralize threats, lies, and insults in a strategic way, without losing your cool.
  • Emotional management (own and others) in tense and high-risk situations (economic, corporate, and social).
  • How to create a safe and determined image, able to persuade to go and convince others.

The workshop consists of: 

  • Theoretical and practical foundations.
  • Real cases mockups.
  • Real life case scenarios 
  • Applicable exercises 


At MAS Connections we can show you and train you to build a story that connects, using 5 very effective story styles and 7 elements of effective business storytelling.  We can show you how to create a story for each part of the funnel or your sales strategy using formulas that will facilitate your work.

This service is provided in English, Portuguese or Spanish.


“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” ~ Confucius

Let’s start creating your roadmap